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Environmental Responsibility

Paper is one of the largest natural resources we use on a daily basis and the manufacturing of paper plays a serious role in our environment. Logging, which is the first stage in the making of paper, releases substantial amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. The quantity and type of energy and chemicals used to manufacture the paper are also contributing factors. The manufacturing of recycled paper offers many environmental benefits including the use of materials that would otherwise be shipped to landfills where they would contribute to greenhouse gases. Because of the obvious benefit of using recycled papers Fine Line has partnered with several paper manufacturers who offer environmentally friendly products that we in turn offer our clients. Fine Line is a certified printer that works with organizations who promote the environmentally responsible manufacturing of paper.

As further evidence of our continued commitment to the well being of our planet, Fine Line has also partnered with energy solution consultants to develop energy saving procedures that reduce the consumption and usage of natural resources. We do this not to be fashionable, but because we care about what we leave behind.

Fine Line continually strives to develop principles of initiative and respect for the environment