Fine Line Graphics Upload Files
Web Uploads
Web Uploads will let you use your web browser, such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, or Chrome, to select and upload files to our server. This method is generally easier to use and doesn't require additional software to be installed on your computer, however, it does come with some limitations.

Our Web Upload page limits you to compressed files (such a zip and stuffit), or .PDF files.

Since Web Uploads use your web browser, you should consider using it only if your files are not too large as an interruption in the transfer may require that you re-upload the entire file again. If you have a lot of files, or your files are very large. You should consider using FTP
FTP Uploads
FTP file uploads use a true method of transferring files, called File Transfer Protocol, and require that you have an account established on the server where you want to upload files, and that you should have an FTP Client installed on your computer.

FTP Clients allow you to upload multiple files at a time, including entire directories, as well as resume uploads in the event of a disconnection.

You will only need to create an FTP account with Fine Line just once, and our automated system will walk you through that process.

Do you need FTP software? Check out FileZilla